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don’t i have a project due?

9 Apr

well, two on wednesday.

but, sometimes i just wanna go destroy something.

not something important. when i was in physics, i spent three weeks building a bridge out of popsicle sticks. it had to be under a certain weight, but it also had to hold a certain amount of weight. mine was perfect.

i did all the work in my group. we got an a, mostly because i stayed after school and my teacher and i worked on it. he knew how important it was to me to get an a in his class, to prove that i was good at everything.

when i finished the project, though, he told me to go destroy the bridge. he told me that what i had built was already good enough. he told me it was a work. i had done it, so i got my grade. he looked at me and he told me that i needed to learn that sometimes getting the a wasn’t really that great if it just made me upset, if i got so stressed that i stopped spending time on me.

he wrote the a in the grade book, then took me outside, and watched me smack the bridge into the school building over and over until it was in such tiny pieces that no one would have ever known that it was anything but trash.

i cried that night because what he said was so true. i spend so much time worrying about making everything perfect that i never take the time to have fun learning. i don’t know what it’s like to have fun in a class, or a club, or any of my work.

i don’t even know how to have fun on the internet, because i have to make sure that everything i type is so correct and that it perfectly represents me, or at least the me that i want to project.

is there any way to change that?

It doesn’t have to be good – it’s short term!

31 Jan

Now that my J-term class is officially over and I only have one day of J-term left, I’m ready to look through my notes again.

  • Jesus Christ, America. Stop with wars and just eat cookies with your enemies. (Cookies=happiness)
  • lol he just told us he did LSD
  • What am I doing? I am so weird.
  • “The vast majority did what teenagers always do: sort of giggle.”
  • I think I could pull off some of Ozzy’s outfits.
  • Smokey Robinson plays the “how many buttons can I do without” game.
  • “Drugs are evidence of COMMUNISM.”
  • “Frat boys got drunk ’til the fell down. That was cool.”
  • “Remember that one paper you had to write about how Richard Nixon wasn’t the worst President ever? Yeah.
  • It smells like potatoes.
  • Why are women ho’s?
  • “See? We white men don’t know shit.”
  • “He had to get down wit da bruthas.”
  • It’s cold as ballz.
  • groovyx1000; manx1000; ERRYBODY WAS TRIPPIN’ BALLS.
  • Whatevah, whatevah, I wear what I want.
  • “I hang around a lot of professional guitar players.” –> WOW COOGAN. U R SEW KEWL.
  • Jimi Hendrix was str8 cray.
  • Law and Order (not the show, dummy.)
  • “He wanted college kids to go back to what he thought they should be doing: getting drunk, having sex, and flunking out.”….”AWWWW YEAAAAHHHH!”
  • Nixon: what an asshole.
  • Election of Carter: Ain’t nothin’ wrong with wearin’ sweatahz.
  • “This was before AIDS, so nobody cared.
  • “But damn, white folks loved it.”
  • “Techno was music catered to nerds.”
  • “When in doubt, guess drugs. Next, sex.”
  • Girl, why are you shouting about Jamaica?
  • Man, I look like an idiot for these notes.
  • “Andy Warhol thought it was cool that they were addicted to heroin.”
  • Grace slick: First Rock ‘n’ Roll Bitch (SHE GOT ALL DA SEX.)
  • And she’s still got it when she was 60. Aw yeah.
  • Dem Beatles. –> Den Imagine. –> POOR JOHN LENNON.
  • Oh my god. My foot is asleep. HELP.
  • Sleepy Bear want all dat sleep.
  • I just want some yogurt up in here.
  • Australia is weird… oh wait, it got a little better.
  • nonononono no no nooo –> SLEEP.
  • OMG STAHP. I want to go so I can put pants on.
  • I burped. 🙂

And with that, class was over. I have a long weekend, and then the start of spring semester.

 Adventures to follow.


31 Jan

I feel like people are confused as to why I use the username “sarahwearsshoes” for everything.

1. It’s true. I love shoes, almost all the time. Maybe it’s because my feet have precious little toe gems. Maybe it’s because when I was growing up my daddy told me to always wear shoes. Maybe it’s just because I’m a little obsessed with shoes. Especially of the boot variety. (I’m a size 8, just by the way…)

2. Imagine you moved to a brand new town, as soon as you got comfortable with who you were and finally had some really great friends.
Now imagine it’s your very first day of school. You go into your drama class and, because your county mixes two middle schools together, your teacher asks you all to sit in a circle so you can play one of those cheesy ice breaker games. Everyone says one random thing about them, but you have to remember what everyone else said about themselves before you can add yours on.
Now, think that you’re nervous because everyone has grouped up and sat next to the people they already know. They’re all saying cute things as they go around the circle, and all you can do is look down at your Converse Hi-Tops; they are your safety blanket. It comes to you, and you recite everything everyone else has said. It’s time for you to add your random fact on.

“My name is Sarah, and I wear shoes.”

And you look up at the girl next to you. She smiles and tells you that your shoes are awesome.

You’ve just met your best friend.

I am difficult.

22 Jan

I’m one of those people who asks for help, and then fights you along the way.

Scratch that, I try not to ask for help.

I’d much rather bury everything and sort through it myself than ask for someone to listen to me.

I have some examples, but I’d rather not talk about it. See what I did there?

I would say that that makes me an introvert, but I’m fairly sure everyone knows that is not true.

But I promise I’m okay.

Pinkie promise.

My Lunchtime Conversation

16 Jan

Today, I was sitting with Lizzy, eating lunch. We were discussing our class, and brought up the levels of attractiveness of various musicians from the 60’s.

This made me think about how Zooey Deschanel looks a lot like Marianne Faithfull, at least in hair styles.




See the similarities? Anyway, I then told Lizzy that I just wanted to morph into Zooey Deschanel. I said that I wanted to be absorbed by Zooey, a lot like how a female angler fish absorbs a male angler fish to reproduce.

I want to be a scab on Zooey Deschanel’s body.


Notes from J-Term

15 Jan

J-term is great. I’m taking a class called History Rocks, and it’s basically about how music and history reflect each other get to take lots of interesting notes.

Here are some gems from the past week:

  • “gyrating”–> lol dat word
  • “What is the answer in 70’s Britain? BUST SHIT UP.”
  • British punk = voice of an entire generation saying, “oh, fuck it!”
  • “I’m not going to Hell today.”…. “I make that decision everyday.”
  • White girls aren’t supposed to act like this.
  • Wild spastic dancing leads to wild spastic sex.
  • “Communists have all the fun.”
  • “Straight to Hell from here, folks.”
  • “We shouldn’t use the word sellout. Let’s use the word ‘commercially successful’.”
  • Teenagers are little shits.
  • They would be the hoes.
  • “Chart for the 50’s equivalent of hipsters.”
  • Special “backseat” opportunity
  • lol sorry I got really excited
  • Massive concern for integrity in entertainment business (lol integrity in entertainment industry)
  • “The establishment wants to sell you chia pets. No, even more stupid… HONEY BOO BOO.”
  • “Sleepy bear” and “sleep sleeeeeeeep sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep sleep.” and “Do NOT fall asleep.” (9am classes are hard when you’re lazy.)
  • Bob Dylan (1965)- awww yeaaahhh.

Dear Tinker 2B

15 Jan

Sorry if I woke you up tonight with my 1AM shower.


I was lying in bed and thinking about how big the world was and how that can be scary sometimes. “What if I don’t do well?” and all that other existential crap. Also, I’ve read a lot of Salinger lately, and Salinger always makes me think about life. I just needed warm water to cascade over me so that I could make myself remember that it’s all gonna be okay. 







Also, I know that no one else takes a shower at 1AM and sometimes a girl just needs to be able to take a long-ass shower without fear of being judged. And I also hate having to walk to C hall whenever I want to take a shower.


Good night, sleep tight.

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