31 Jan

I feel like people are confused as to why I use the username “sarahwearsshoes” for everything.

1. It’s true. I love shoes, almost all the time. Maybe it’s because my feet have precious little toe gems. Maybe it’s because when I was growing up my daddy told me to always wear shoes. Maybe it’s just because I’m a little obsessed with shoes. Especially of the boot variety. (I’m a size 8, just by the way…)

2. Imagine you moved to a brand new town, as soon as you got comfortable with who you were and finally had some really great friends.
Now imagine it’s your very first day of school. You go into your drama class and, because your county mixes two middle schools together, your teacher asks you all to sit in a circle so you can play one of those cheesy ice breaker games. Everyone says one random thing about them, but you have to remember what everyone else said about themselves before you can add yours on.
Now, think that you’re nervous because everyone has grouped up and sat next to the people they already know. They’re all saying cute things as they go around the circle, and all you can do is look down at your Converse Hi-Tops; they are your safety blanket. It comes to you, and you recite everything everyone else has said. It’s time for you to add your random fact on.

“My name is Sarah, and I wear shoes.”

And you look up at the girl next to you. She smiles and tells you that your shoes are awesome.

You’ve just met your best friend.


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