It doesn’t have to be good – it’s short term!

31 Jan

Now that my J-term class is officially over and I only have one day of J-term left, I’m ready to look through my notes again.

  • Jesus Christ, America. Stop with wars and just eat cookies with your enemies. (Cookies=happiness)
  • lol he just told us he did LSD
  • What am I doing? I am so weird.
  • “The vast majority did what teenagers always do: sort of giggle.”
  • I think I could pull off some of Ozzy’s outfits.
  • Smokey Robinson plays the “how many buttons can I do without” game.
  • “Drugs are evidence of COMMUNISM.”
  • “Frat boys got drunk ’til the fell down. That was cool.”
  • “Remember that one paper you had to write about how Richard Nixon wasn’t the worst President ever? Yeah.
  • It smells like potatoes.
  • Why are women ho’s?
  • “See? We white men don’t know shit.”
  • “He had to get down wit da bruthas.”
  • It’s cold as ballz.
  • groovyx1000; manx1000; ERRYBODY WAS TRIPPIN’ BALLS.
  • Whatevah, whatevah, I wear what I want.
  • “I hang around a lot of professional guitar players.” –> WOW COOGAN. U R SEW KEWL.
  • Jimi Hendrix was str8 cray.
  • Law and Order (not the show, dummy.)
  • “He wanted college kids to go back to what he thought they should be doing: getting drunk, having sex, and flunking out.”….”AWWWW YEAAAAHHHH!”
  • Nixon: what an asshole.
  • Election of Carter: Ain’t nothin’ wrong with wearin’ sweatahz.
  • “This was before AIDS, so nobody cared.
  • “But damn, white folks loved it.”
  • “Techno was music catered to nerds.”
  • “When in doubt, guess drugs. Next, sex.”
  • Girl, why are you shouting about Jamaica?
  • Man, I look like an idiot for these notes.
  • “Andy Warhol thought it was cool that they were addicted to heroin.”
  • Grace slick: First Rock ‘n’ Roll Bitch (SHE GOT ALL DA SEX.)
  • And she’s still got it when she was 60. Aw yeah.
  • Dem Beatles. –> Den Imagine. –> POOR JOHN LENNON.
  • Oh my god. My foot is asleep. HELP.
  • Sleepy Bear want all dat sleep.
  • I just want some yogurt up in here.
  • Australia is weird… oh wait, it got a little better.
  • nonononono no no nooo –> SLEEP.
  • OMG STAHP. I want to go so I can put pants on.
  • I burped. 🙂

And with that, class was over. I have a long weekend, and then the start of spring semester.

 Adventures to follow.


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